Saturday, May 28, 2016

Making Pizza

Happy May everyone! This month, our class finished our all about books about their animals. Each student also made a diorama on their animal. We will send these home in June! Everyone worked so hard on their books and their dioramas! Here are some diagrams made for their books--
K.H made this diagram on a turtle
A.W's diagram of a ladybug
With the nonfiction unit finished, we have moved on how to writing. We walked through making pizza together and independently so students had experiences to write about.
A.Z rolls out the dough
E.C spreads the tomato sauce
K.H puts on the mushrooms
K.C and W.C working on their pizzas
D.J places the cheese on
Our sessions with Ms. Kristine, our Studio in the School artist are coming to a near end. This week, students added texture and details to their animal sculptures. Next week they will be painting their sculptures.
J.Y creates an octopus