Monday, September 26, 2011


Today, we started our study on apples. I visited Yonder Farms this past weekend and purchased a whole bushel of utility apples! I can't wait for all the fun and exciting things we're going to do with them! Also, T.S brought in some apples from his apple picking adventure from the weekend too!
In the science center, T.D and O.S looked at apples closely and drew what they saw.

Nearly everyone went to the art center to get started on their apples. We're making apples using paper bags, newspapers, pipe cleaners and paint. We'll be painting the apples tomorrow! This project helps everyone to learn about the different parts of the apple and the different colors that apples come in. Today, we talked about the stem and the skin of the apple.

For our snack, we had fresh McIntosh apples. The kids loved how juicy they were. These were the apples that were fresh off the apple tree that T.S' family picked!

While having their snack, many of the kids noticed the seeds in the apples so we collected the seeds for further scientific investigation. I also overheard someone say, "Don't eat the core!"

We'll continue learning about the healthy aspects of the apple, different parts of the apple, different uses for apples and other fun things! Tomorrow, we'll be painting the apples-so everyone will be bringing home an apple soon! Ask your child what they learned about apples today!

Here is a game about healthy fruits and vegetables and the different colors they come in: