Thursday, September 15, 2011


Every day we are introducing a new center or new materials that we will using throughout the year. I was extremely excited to show the students the computer center today! Technology is such a huge part of our society today that knowing how to use one is almost essential.

In our classroom, we have three classrooms and every child will get to use a computer at least once a week if not more. 

J.A and G.A try out the computers.

Websites that the children can go on to play educational games.

K.W and K.M go on the computers.

In other news, today during music and movement, each child worked with a musical instrument and together we sang the Mexican hand clapping song. Instead of clapping, we used our instruments to make the beat.

Everyone loved the song. It also taught us some Spanish too!

Here is a video of the music on YouTube and the lyrics to the song:
Everyone come right along (clap, clap)
Let's learn a Mexican song (clap, clap)
Muchacha means little girl (clap, clap)
Muchacho means little boy (clap, clap)
La la la la la la la (si, si)
Lu lu lu lu lu lu lu  (oley, oley)