Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The First Day of School

Hi everyone! Whew! The first day of school is now over! It was a wonderful day. We spent the day getting to know our school, the schedule and each other! I loved everyone's smiles and stories they had to share. I heard a lot about families, pets, toys and favorite things. I can already tell it's going to be a great year with lots of exploring and learning to be done!
We started the day off by eating breakfast together. Today's breakfast-cheerios and apple juice!

We then had our morning meeting, where we learned a hello song and played a game called "The Popcorn game," where we each pretended to be a popcorn and pop up to say our names. Here is our morning message that we read together!

J.M drew a picture of her mommy.

X.I drew a dragon!

T.S drew a roller coaster much like the one he went on with his Mom and Dad at Hoffman's.

J.C made a volcano that is ready to blow!

 G.P drew Rapunzel getting dressed.

O. B loves Star Wars so he drew Boba Fett. 

D.K drew a train sign.

O.S drew his teddy bear.

During center time, we all explored different centers. O.B noticed that the stop sign didn't have a pole like the other signs so he went in search for a pole.

D.K worked on some puzzles today!

In the math center, K.W and J.C played with the dice and worked together on counting the dots they rolled.

Towards the end of the day, after listening to stories like Grover's First Day of School and The Three Little Pigs, eating lunch, and exploring in different centers-it was time for some rest. Ms. Kacey made our classroom calm and relaxing-perfect for everyone's midday nap.

It was truly a great first day! Tomorrow will be even better!
Lastly, please remember to bring back the forms sent home-they are very important!