Friday, September 16, 2011

Fun Friday!

Happy Friday everyone! It's the end of our first full week of school and Ms. Kacey and I are so proud of all the students in our class. It's only been 9 days of school but everyone is doing such a great job learning the ins and outs of being in school.

During center time, Ms. Kacey reads a book with J.A and T.D in the library.

This is Vincent van Gogh's famous Starry night and it served as an inspiration for our art project today. As we are learning shapes, we look for shapes everywhere. Notice how van Gogh uses beautiful circles of all sizes in his art.

K.W, K.M and G.P work on a circle painting using various items that are cylindrical and having circles on them making them perfect for stamping! We use some of our beautiful junk such as paper towel holders, old play dough containers, an old salt container and other various cylindrical containers to make different circles.
G.P contemplates what to add to her circles.

K.W experiments with different colors and sizes of circles.
T.S and A.R work on their circle painting.

Here is one of the finished pieces completed by T.S, J.M and A.R hanging under the inspirational Starry night.

We also opened the sand/water table today starting with just the sand side.
The art studio and computer center was filled with fun and learning today!

As a teacher, I look for inspiration in all sorts of things-different ways, things, methods of teaching. Being a teacher means being a learner first! I was super inspired by this preschool teacher's activity I created a similar activity and observed if any students would do anything with shapes that were just taped onto their tables. No direction was given, I simply told the students that shapes were placed on the table.

At the red square table, T.S, K.M and T.D place items on the outline of the shapes.


 D.K places beads on the outlines as well.

 G.S created a rectangle with small blocks. It wasn't on the blue tape but that's not important at all-what matter is the wonderful rectangle he made!

O.B made the letter A using the outline of the triangle-what a great connection between shapes and letters. The letter A is quite similar to a triangle and it even has a small triangle inside the letter. 

Something I was really looking forward to today was buddy reading. Ms. Lo's second grade class paid us a visit and each student brought fun stories to read! Everyone was paired with a partner or partners in second grade that read to them! A lot of us loved it and what a great opportunity for friendship between different grades. During our closing circle, J.A said his favorite part of the day was the second graders coming to read, T.S said his partner was a "good reader." and J.C who at first was apprehensive said he liked reading with the second graders too.

A special thank you to Ms. Lo and her second grade students! Our class was in awe of the wonderful reading and great kindness that was shown to them. It's going to be a great year of buddy reading on Fridays! :)
Have a fun and restful weekend everyone! Do something fun this weekend! My husband, our dog and I will be going apple picking at Bowman Farms this weekend! :D