Monday, September 19, 2011

Happy birthday to X.I!

We celebrated our first birthday in our classroom today! Happy 4th birthday to X.I and a special thanks to his mom for making cupcakes for the class. I will be going over this during open house, but for birthday celebrations-any family may choose to celebrate their child's birthday in class. Birthday celebrations will occur during our snack time which is around 1:30. Families may attend during this time if they would like. Here is a link to the school's birthday celebration policy:

In other news, we had another fun in school. Every day we are exploring a new center and today we opened the play dough center!
I brought in a special table just for the use of play dough creation! Here T.S and J.M explore the play dough with some letter stencils.

In the art center, we used various collage materials to decorate our names!

I wanted to share an interesting article that I read this weekend:
Language acquisition is something I'm always thinking about when planning. With young students, even if English is their home language, we are all learning and getting accustomed to the language. During our morning meeting, we have been sharing different favorites and I always give the students a sentence starter such as, "My favorite color is..." or "I like..."