Thursday, September 8, 2011

Purposeful play

Wow-our first week of school is almost over! While, we have been practicing different structures and routines throughout the day such as learning where everything is, how to move from one area of the classroom to the other, each other's names-we have also been learning about how to have purposeful play. This week, we've been exploring the different materials in the various centers and the different ways we can play! 
K.M chooses a center to go to at our centers schedule
In the science center, D.K and J.A talked about their noticings. D.K noticed that the fish were moving together. J.A said he thinks that the fish were all trying to find the house. Together, they wondered if the fish were boys or girls.

T.D and K.M used magnifying glasses to look at rocks. T.J noticed that using the magnifying glasses "make things bigger." They talked together about the things they noticed about the rocks.

G.P and G.S used mirrors and art materials in the art center to draw self-portraits.

There are a variety of centers in our classroom! Ask your child what center(s) he/she visited and encourage him/her to try different ones too!