Wednesday, September 14, 2011


We've been learning about shapes this week. On Monday, we explored the infinite circles-many students found circles in our room ranging from the clock to the circles on our daily schedule. On Tuesday, we wondered about the terrific triangle! Today, we discovered the super square! In every center, students found shapes everywhere!

Here, X.I and O.S looked for circles in the bucket of foam shapes.
 G.A fits smaller squares into a bigger one.

K.W paints some shapes in art center using watercolor paints. He said, "I count 3 circles and 1 triangle."

 A.R created a big circle!

In writing center, G.S wrote about triangles on the white board with dry erase markers.

K.W uses different shapes to make a car.

What shapes can your child find at home?

Here are some shape games your child can play online:
Make a gingerbread man with different shapes
Sort shapes with Curious George
Planting shapes with Telly