Friday, September 23, 2011


I'm a big believer in encouraging young children to tell stories-fiction, realistic, fantasy-all kinds! Stories are a wonderful way to nurture imagination, capture memories, communicate with others and develops great sense of self. Last year in kindergarten, I worked with a wonderful staff developer, Isoke Nia, who created a great storytelling unit-every day my students added an element to their story and we "published" these stories via video. I may be tweaking the unit later on in the year for our class, but until then-I wanted to create the same sense of wonderment from storytelling through out writing center. Today, I introduced blank books as a material in our writing center. It was amazing the different stories that every one had to tell. By the end of center time, many were proud of their books and wanted me to read it to them and/or the rest of the class.

D.K, A.R, T.D., and A.R writing stories    

D.K wrote a story about a train that couldn't go up a hill because there was too much snow.
A.R told a story about a rainbow. On the left page, "The sun is making the polka dots" and on the right page, "The balloon is flying up." 
K.W drew himself holding two apples. 

A.R wrote a story about her mom at a party that was very messy. O.B wrote two stories-one of being outside with his mom and sister and another about being at the park with his dad. T.S wrote about the sun that wouldn't come up-maybe he was inspired from the recent cloudy weather. T.D wrote a story about someone who couldn't write his name.

I can't wait to read and hear all the different stories every one has to tell! The published books will be available for viewing at the open house next week!