Monday, October 3, 2011

Applesauce playdough

Happy Monday! We had another exciting start to the week! This week we are finishing up our apple study and at the end of the week transition to leaves/trees. Our project today was using applesauce to create applesauce play dough. Every one got to help make this edible play dough and then to play with it! Most of the students got to take their play dough home-make sure to refrigerate them for awhile since we made it today-the play dough is still a bit soft. After a bit of refrigeration (maybe a day) the play dough will be ready to play with. The play dough is also edible but has quite a strong cinnamon flavor. J.A tasted it and said, "Yuck!"

I love the natural/home made play dough recipes and hope to make different kinds throughout the year. This recipe was easy and one you can do at home!

Applesauce Play dough Recipe
1 cup applesauce
1 cup cinnamon
Mix until both items are combined. Wrap with plastic wrap and refrigerate for 1-2 days.
Pouring in the applesauce

Stirring to combine
The play dough starts to form

Here are some short clips of the students working with the apple sauce play dough. While working with the play dough, some of the students made some noticings:
T.W said "It looks like mud"
K.M, A.R and T.D said the play dough "looks like a brownie."
O.B said "It smells like cinnamon."

On a sadder note, when I came into the classroom this morning, one of our tetra fish Patrick had passed. I believe it was due to the cold weather; the tank had been in need of a heater for some time too. I gently broke the news to the class that Patrick had gotten sick and passed. Many of the students had suggestions on what to do. O.S said "We should put Patrick in the refrigerator so he can cool down." O.B suggested, "Take Patrick to daycare so he can learn to talk." K.M, D.K and K.W all said that the Cici and Batman are looking for Patrick. I told the students that next weekend I'll be getting some new fish friends. Many said they would be the "new Patrick," but I told them that they would be different from Patrick. I learned a valuable lesson to not underestimate the weather, so after school was over, I went to Petsmart to purchase an aquarium heater. Later this week, I will be looking for new fish friends!

I've been working on teaching myself more aspects to digital media. Last year, I started to use this innovative website: It's a great website where you can upload photos and pictures and then have voices correspond with the photos/pictures. This would be a great way to share our class' stories. Ms. Merril, a colleague of mine from my past school and also a prek teacher, posted this wonderful piece:
I'm excited for the possibilities!