Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Budding scientists

Today, we conducted our first science experiment! It was truly remarkable how engaged everyone was during our experiment-every one was interested in making predictions, using scientific tools for the experiment and looking at the results. We were so caught up in the experiment that we didn't have time to paint our clay apples today! The young scientists discovered that lemon juice helps to keep an apple from turning brown.

The question driving our science experiment was, "Which will stop the apple from turning brown?" and the choices were-Nothing, Water, Lemon Juice or Cranberry juice. 
We then made our own predictions. Every one got a post it to write their name and they placed it on their prediction. Most of the class predicted lemon juice!

Following this, we used eye droppers, specimen viewers with attached magnifying glasses and the various liquids to conduct the experiment. I sliced the apple into quarters and placed a slice on each dish. The scientists took turns squeezing the different liquids on to the apple.

After awhile, we passed around the results. J.M and D.K noticed that the apple slice with water turned brown. K.W was excited to find out that "lemon juice keeps the apple white." While walking to the cafeteria, the young scientists even told the school science teacher, Mr. Flynn about the experiment.

Ms. Kacey did an awesome job taking photos of each step of the experiment! There are so many photos, I decided to try out a new means of showing the photographs. Below is a slide show created from the photos taken from our experiment. It was created using the program iMovie on my Macbook. Hope you enjoy!

Tomorrow, I'll be introducing new fish friends to the class! We will also get to paint our clay apples!

Dismissal Procedures for Early Dismissal
-We will begin dismissal this Friday at 2:05pm which is 15 earlier than our usual dismissal time. We dismiss from the side door facing Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. If you are facing the front door of the school from the parking lot, it is the first side door to your left. There is a small hill.