Friday, October 7, 2011

The Culimatination of our Apple Study!

Today, we ended our apple study and began our transition to our study on trees. We talked about all the things we learned about apples. For our last activity on apples, everyone made an apple tree in art center and finger painted the apples. I was really amazed at how different and beautiful everyone's tree was.

From left to right (first row-T.S, J.M second row-J.C, O.B, third row-G.P, A.R, last row-A.R, D.K)
We then posted everyone's trees on big brown butch paper to create our very own apple orchard!

Here are some close ups of trees and what the artist said about their apple tree:
 O.S said "The apples are growing."
 K.M said, "The apples are growing and we're going to pick them."
 O.B said, "The apples are turning green like the leaves."
G.P said, "I went on a picnic and I picked apples."
 A.R said, "The apples are falling down."
T.W said, "The apples are growing." T.S said, "I like drawing the bark." X.I said, "It grows into a ball." G.S pointed out the apples. J.C said, "It's apples!"
Our apple orchard is nowing hanging outside for everyone in the school community to see and learn from! We also hung our photographs and artwork done from our apple study.
It's only been one day and the class has gotten several compliments already on their work!

The students will get to bring their clay apples home on Tuesday. Some were painted today and needed to be dried!

School Spirit Day!
Today was school spirit day and everyone wore their self-made tees from yesterday!
Here is the class with Ms. Kacey! The photo will also be on display on the big screen television in the school's lobby! What super stars! We're still waiting to hear if we won the contest for the class that showed the most school spirit-but we've got our fingers crossed!

In other news, I scheduled a field trip to the local fire station for October 24th. We will be sending out a trip slip next week.
Here is more info. about this particular fire station:
Engine Nine
This ornate structure was built in 1912 at Delaware Avenue and Marshall Street. This building received some remodeling in the late 30's. However, these quarters were extensively remodeled in 1991.
This structure is the quarters of Engine 9, Rescue 9, and Ladder 4
I pass by this firestation often on my way to my favorite ice cream parlor-Emack & Bolio's and the firemen sitting outside are always friendly! Firefighters are such an important part of the community and mean so much to me-I can't wait for the class to learn about how important their job is and how to prevent and escape fires!

This Monday, October 10th there is no school for Columbus Day. See everyone on Tuesday!