Tuesday, October 4, 2011

First adventures with clay

I introduced a new material for our art center today and it's one I hope we will be going back to frequently for our projects-clay! Of course, play dough center is offered daily, but clay though similar provides a variety of possibilities of the imagination. The texture of clay is different from play dough-the shape lasts longer and the neutral color is similar to a blank sheet of paper-ready to be given life. Here is another Reggio-inspired blog depicting the use of clay: http://yoyoreggio.blogspot.com/2011/06/materials-clay.html.
Here is the clay we used today:

I've also purchased some standard modeling clay and even glitter modeling clay!
We used the air-dry clay today to create representations of apples. I placed the basket of apples to serve as inspiration.
G.S displays his apple.
J.A says, "I'm making a stem."

G.S says, "I'm making small apples."

X.I presses down on the clay.
T.S says, "I'm squeezing the clay to make the stem."
Some of the completed apples.

Tomorrow, we will be painting the clay apples. I'll be bringing in special paint brushes for this! I'm all about exposing even the youngest students to "adult" tools. So tomorrow, they will be painting their clay creations using a mix of mop brushes, flat brushes, sponge brushes and liner brushes.

While shopping through Michael's today, I was able to score an 80% deal off a huge package of oil pastels so I will be introducing those to the class on Thursday!

Important News

-We sent home a trip slip in everyone's folders today-please make sure to sign it so your child can go with us to the Albany Public Library on Delaware Ave.
-We would greatly appreciate any chaperones!
-This Friday is an early dismissal day so we will begin dismissal at 2:05pm. Check back tomorrow for more details on dismissal.