Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone! I dressed up my pup as a mummy. His shirt says "I <3 my mummy." He did some tricks for some treats!
Often during morning meeting when we share-I talk about my dog. Some of the children have taken interest in what Brian does. I took this video of some tricks I've been teaching him. If they are interested-you can show your child the video. I promised in class that I would post a video of Brian on my blog!

Today, we culminated our pumpkin study as well as celebrating Halloween by painting the small pumpkins donated by J.A's mom! I was hoping the paint would dry by the end of the day for the students to take home but several of them were still a bit wet so we decided to give out the pumpkins tomorrow!
Thank you to O.B's mom who brought in roasted pumpkin seeds for the class to try. This is a great jumping off point because tomorrow I will be introducing the five senses!