Thursday, October 6, 2011

How we stayed warm today was really chilly this morning! Luckily, we did lots of activities in our classroom to keep everyone warm-not to mention, Kacey and I can control the temperature in the classroom!

As we are concluding our apple study, about half the class got a chance to paint their clay apples.
K.M, J.A, J.M and K.W paint their clay apples.
K.W uses a sponge brush.
J.A uses the sponge brush. He says "I'm making it red."
X.I makes a yellow and green apple.
T.S uses one of the bigger brushes.
A.R uses a liner brush.
Some of the completed apples. 

I caught some conversation about colors!

Kacey had a wonderful idea for the kids to decorate their own tees for tomorrow's school spirit day!  The class with the most school spirit wins a prize! We're crossing our fingers for our class!

We guided the students to write TOAST Pre-K and they they wrote their names and drew pictures of themselves in school. Tomorrow, we will be signing the back of each others' tees!
Reminder-tomorrow is early dismissal drill day-school ends at 2:15 so pick up will begin for PreK around 2:05-2:10pm.