Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Leaf Sketches & new fish tank friends

Sketching leaves
Continuing our tree study with an in depth look at leaves, our class made special sketches of the leaves they found from their leaf hunt! We used some new materials today including clipboards and permanent markets (sharpies). Some chose to trace their leaves, some chose to outline, some chose just to use their leaves as a reference.
A.R puts her leaf under the paper
G.P makes two different leaves
G.A outlines her leaf
J.M adds letters to her leaf

T.S looks at the leaf to decide what line to make next
J.C outlines his leaf
X.I sketches his leaf

O.S writes his name under his leaf
These sketches will serve as a foundation for their watercolor paintings tomorrow! I photocopied their sketches on the copy machine which created darker lines. Everyone will get to use watercolors to add color to these sketches. I will create a slideshow with all the completed art work tomorrow!

In the science center, the students got to look at different leaves and chose a variety of colors for them.

Speaking of the science center, we added some new friends to our fish tank!
A snail! I told the class how the snail is helping to eat the algae in the tank. It's the snail's job!
We added a new tetra fish, a new zebra fish and two guppies!
Every one was especially excited about the snail-throughout the day, students would check the fish tank to see where the snail had slithered off too. D.K noticed that the algae from the front of the tank was gone-the snail must have eaten it! K.M said it looked like the snail was hiding!