Thursday, October 20, 2011

Leaf sun catchers

We're putting the leaves that were collected from our recent leaf hunt to good use! Today, everyone made a sun catcher to display the variety of leaves they found. The class also had the choice of using other materials such as tissue paper, fake leaves, and scraps of colored/patterned paper.  Using two sheets of wax paper, the students decided where to place their materials and Kacey or I ironed it out for them.
I've gotten quite the hang of creating slideshows-so here is another one with photos of the creation of the sun catchers and the completed sun catchers. The finished products were truly beautiful especially the individually of each child's choice of materials and placement.
Monday is our class trip to the local fire station! Today during movement, we talked about the importance of fire safety and I demonstrated how to stop, drop and roll. Every student had an opportunity to try this out with our "fire" (post-it with a picture of a flame on it). Now, everyone in our class is well prepared in case such an emergency occurs! K.M during her stop, drop and roll covered her face with her arms-which many students agreed was a smart idea so we all tried that out too!
First, we STOP!
Second, we DROP!
Third, we ROLL!
and roll..
and roll until the fire is out!
and cover your face too!