Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Outdoor classroom

Yay! No rain today! Hopefully-it stays that way for our trip to the library tomorrow! We went outside again today to make bark impressions. This helped everyone to better understand the texture of the bark. To make our bark impressions, we placed a large sheet of paper on top of the bark and used crayons to press down to create an impression or an imprint. I helped the students in holding the paper down. Ms. Kacey took all these wonderful photos!
J.C and G.A make their bark impressions.
T.D and G.P

O.B and D.K
The bark impression art work is now hanging in our classroom along with our tree sketches. When we came back, we discussed our noticings:
K.W said, "It's bumpy and bumpy and bumpy" (he also used his hands to describe this).
J.M said, "Hard"
J.A said, "bumpy"
J.C said, "It's a little bit soft and a little bit hard."

Our centers reflected our topic. In the science center, I put out a box full of items collected near a tree in my own front yard along with some books on leaves.

A.K looks at Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf by Lois Ehlert while looking at a leaf from the box

A.K and A.R talk about the leaves.
I also placed some branches in the sand table. Here, T.S is a scientist!

Ask your child if they have something in their pocket tonight. I gave each student the letter S (it's our letter of the week) and you can also ask them what sound it makes. We've been lookings for things that begin with the letter S-you can work with them on thinking of some things we can add to our S poster. O.B added "Star Wars" today!

Tomorrow is our trip to the Delaware Ave public library! We are walking to the library and will be leaving the school approximately 9:30am. We hope to get to the library around 10:00am and will be there for an hour. The librarian, Ms. Rebecca will be giving us a tour of the library and reading a book about the library. The class will get a chance to look at some books in the children's area. We will be returning to the school for lunch at 11am. In case of rain, we will postpone the trip for another date.