Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pumpkin, Pumpkin

Halloween seems to be on many of the students' minds this week! Two students-D.K and O.B shared that they made jack-o-lanterns at home with their families! Every one is excited about working with pumpkins hands on! Today, I introduced the topic to the class by displaying a big pumpkin to everyone and a small one or gourd. We passed around the gourd or the little pumpkin and talked about things we noticed or things we already knew about pumpkins.

Our pumpkin and gourd display in the science center
 Here is a glimpse of some of our rich discussion:
D.K said "You can make pumpkin pie"
A.R said "It grows in dirt"
T.S said "Some grow on a farm. Sometimes the stem falls off."
J.C said "They grow on the floor"
O.S said "It's orange"
O.B said "You put a candle in it and it glows in the dark"
J.C said "On Halloween you can make a face on it"
K.W said "You need to wash it"

The students had an opportunity to make sketches of the pumpkins.
 K.W said "It's a pumpkin with hair and a nose"
 J.C said "It's a pumpkin. A lot of seeds"
 T.S said "I made a pumpkin in a pumpkin"
 J.A said " It's a pumpkin-orange and black. It's big"
 J.M said "I made a pumpkin flower"

Tomorrow, we will count pumpkin seeds in math center and sketch out the pumpkin faces we want for our pumpkins next Monday!

Special thanks to J.A's mother for donating 18 small pumpkins for our class to paint!

I love that what we're studying this week aligns with our letter of the week-P! We took some time today to "cook" our own snack using P foods-peppers and pineapple! We created pineapple and pepper salsa! We used three different kinds of bell peppers-red, green and yellow. It's important to eat the rainbow! I used this recipe with some modifications. Everyone helped out by dicing the pineapple slices with their sporks and then mixing the pineapple and pepper together with lime juice! They enjoyed with some crackers! We'll be making pumpkin pancakes later this week too!