Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pumpkins in the snow

I can't believe its snowing in October! I knew it would be colder in Albany from what I'm used to but I was definitely not expecting snow! As I'm typing, it's still falling! I bet many of the students will want to talk about this new weather development tomorrow!

While the weather has been keeping us indoors, we have been doing lots of pumpkin related activities! I introduced the pan balance to the class today and we all had fun comparing weights of pumpkins and gourds. We made predictions about which would be heavier and talked about how one side of the pan balance will drop if the object is heavy. When we compared the veggies, a lot of students said the bigger one would be heavier. We also compared two similar-looking gourds and many of us predicted that it would be the same weight-one gourd was actually heavier!
Special thanks to X.I's mom for donating more gourds to our collection!
The pumpkins, gourds and pan balance
O.B places the pumpkin on the pan balance

A.R places the pie pumpkin on the other side of the balance

G.S places a gourd on the pan balance
D.K and J.C talk about their noticings
G.P places the gourd on the pan balance

To everyone's surprise, these gourds did not weigh the same.
Our class wore their chefs' hats once again today! We all made pumpkin pancakes for our snack! We followed this recipe. I read the recipe out loud while we followed each step. We learned about measuring and we counted each teaspoon or cup that was placed into our batter. I also passed around the pumpkin puree, cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg for every one to smell! Here is a short slideshow of some photos taken:

Tomorrow, parents will be coming in to be working with the class in small groups on creating a jack-o-lantern! Thank you to A.K and D.K's parents for donating large pumpkins! It's also picture day!