Sunday, October 23, 2011

Repurposed Beautiful Junk

I've been getting lots of rest this weekend as I've been coughing a lot again but I am excited for school this week! We will be starting our mini-pumpkin study! I went to Yonder Farms again to purchase some gourds and some large pumpkins.
The pumpkin riding safely in my car.
For this Friday, I invited family members to come and work with a small group of children in creating a jack-o-lantern. So far, T.S' dad and O.B's mom will be volunteering. Our class is still open for adult volunteers to come in for this jack-o-lantern project, so feel free to contact me if you would like to come in!
On Friday, the class began their 3D trees using our re-purposed beautiful junk. I introduced this box to them, which will remain a staple in our art center. The box contains items such as ribbon, bubble wrap, crinkled paper, packing peanuts, cardboard and other assorted items. Using tubes from paper towel and toilet paper rolls, the students made their barks for the trees.

Then using pipe cleaners and/or ribbons, the students added branches.
 The students then made decisions about what kind of beautiful junk they would use for their leaves or other items in their trees. Some colored packing peanuts, others laced in beads to the pipe cleaners and some added bubble wrap to create the leaves.

Some of the completed trees:

This windowsill will become our forest of trees!

Tomorrow is our trip to the local fire station! It's a bit of a longer walk than the library so remember to have your child dressed with comfortable walking shoes. Please also remember to dress your child for the weather! The weather channel predicts cloudy weather with a temperature of 47 degrees, so dress warmly!