Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Our pumpkin patch

Our class is becoming a pumpkin patch! Several students mentioned throughout the day how our class is a pumpkin patch especially with all the small pumpkins or gourds displayed across the windowsills. Special thanks to all the parents donating the large pumpkins! It's great for everyone to see that pumpkins come in different shapes and sizes. Tomorrow, we will compare the weights of some of the pumpkins!

The word wall in our classroom is a great tool we use daily. Every child's name is posted with their photos along with words we are learning. Today, we added the word pumpkin. I have been letting the class lead in where to place new words. Every one agreed that pumpkin belonged under the letter P.

Today, in art center, students sketched out what they will paint on their small pumpkins on Monday. We talked about different shapes and parts of the face.
In the math center, students counted pumpkin seeds on pumpkin number cards! I worked with students on using one to one correspondence when counting! This is a good skill to work on at home too! When counting objects, encourage your child to use their finger to touch the object!
In science center, students looked closely at the different pumpkins and read literature about pumpkins!

Tomorrow, we will all work together on cooking pumpkin pancakes.  I am excited for all the measuring and mixing every one will get an opportunity to do!

I apologize if my blog posts from now until Thanksgiving may be posted later in the evening or some nights not at all--I'm currently working on compiling and analyzing student data so I can work with small groups on focused skills. Reports cards are also coming up soon! There's not enough hours in the day!

Reminder: This Friday is picture day. Picture day forms were sent home in every child's folder. Please let me know if you need another form.