Tuesday, October 18, 2011

We're going on a leaf hunt!

Sorry for the delayed post! I went to New York City over the weekend to visit my family and friends and it's been hectic now catching up to all the things I need to do! Whew-I'm glad I got some time tonight to sit down and post this! While watching the news today, there was a segment on photographing fall foliage! It made me think of the wonderful work the class is doing related to this!
Today, we went on our very own leaf hunt! It was exciting-all the students go their own baggies and we went around the school to various trees. I told them to look for different kinds, shapes, and colors of leaves. Here are some photos from our leaf hunt:

Every one was excited to show and share their findings from the leaf hunt.
Later on in the day, we made a chart of the colors of the leaves we found. Every student chose one leaf from their bag to place on the chart.
The completed graph

On Friday, we made leaf impressions using rubbing plates in the art center. This exposed the class to the different kinds of leaves that exist!

In the math center, I put out a leaf matching game.

This week, we'll be sketching leaves and coloring them in with watercolors, creating 3D trees and making personal leaf collages.