Saturday, October 1, 2011

What's cooking?

I want to apologize for not updating with a blog post until now! Today, my husband and I took our dog, Brian to the Paws in the Park pet walk in Poughkeepsie to help raise money for the Duchess County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.
Brian won Best Beggar at the pet walk!
He made lots of new friends!

Back to the classroom!
I was excited about Friday's apple project-cooking applesauce! It was a wonderful first jump into cooking. All the students loved taking part of cooking so much that I think it may be a year full of various cooking projects! I found the recipe here.
To save some time, I peeled all the apples at home and had my husband core all the apples:

At school, everyone got a chance to mash up the apples into small chunks!
T.W, G.A, G.P and J.C mash their apples.
K.M, T.S, X.I and A.R working on making small chunks.

K.W, O.S, and G.S
J.M, O.B, A.K and D.K
T.D, A.R and J.A

Some of the students noted that it was hard to smash the apples. One student said, "Juice is coming out!" Several of the students said the apples looked ready to eat! The students used sporks provided by the school cafeteria to create the small chunks. The next step was to gather all these small chunks and heat them in a pan with some water. The following steps required adult supervision.

D.K assisted in adding half a cup of sugar.
Next came a sprinkle of cinnamon
We stirred for a bit to make sure all the apples were getting cooked.
The applesauce is almost done!

O.S tastes the finished product!

During the process, the students remarked on how the room began to smell. Someone said it smelled like apple juice. Many said it smelled "yummy!" After cooling for 15 minutes, we tasted the applesauce we all made together! J.A said the applesauce was "yummy in my tummy." T.D said the applesauce was "sweet." K.W said it was "juicy." T.S said it was "delicious."

Apple Imprinting
In further examining the inside of the apple, I cut an apple in half and passed it around during our morning meeting. On Wednesday, we looked closer at the inside of an apple. In the science center, students used magnifying glasses and art materials to capture what they found. During art center, we used the cut apples to make apple imprints.
Continued Documentation
An important part of the project approach/Reggio approach is to take documentation through photographs, anecdotes of what was said/done, and art work! Each day we learn something new about apples, we add it to our apple study wall. By the end of the project, I hope to have a full booklet completed documenting our apple study! Until then, our back bulletin board will serve as our wall of learning:

Second Grade Buddy Readers
Our class were enthusiastic about showing their second grade buddy readers what they were learning about apples, so together all the buddy readers worked on an apple collage project utilizing construction paper, paper plates, scissors and glue. Working together, they cut out various shapes to create an apple. The second graders reinforced a lot of shape vocabulary and apple vocabulary. Some even helped the prek with motor skills such as cutting and writing their names!

A holds the paper to help T.S with his cutting
K.M talks to her buddy reader about the apple