Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Building our teepee

I brought in a special surprise for the class today! Thanksgiving is coming up and I want to start integrating some mini lessons, activities and projects for the class to learn more about this holiday. Using these instructions, and with a donation of bamboo sticks from my mother-in-law and with the help of my husband, I was able to put together the structure of a teepee. I showed the students pictures of Native Americans and Pilgrims and gave a brief summary of the story of the First Thanksgiving. We will be reading a story about the First Thanksgiving later this week. I talked about how Native Americans lived where we live now a loooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnng time ago. I showed photographs and pictures and the class talked about their noticings-how there were no apartments, houses and a lot of trees! I introduced a picture of a teepee and talked about how Native Americans used them as homes.

Our project today was to decorate our teepee with things that were special to us, things that we're learning about or things in our world. I left it very open for the students because I want this teepee to be special to everyone in their own way. I drew my dog and wrote my name and together, everyone grabbed some markers and began making their own special mark on our teepee.

Here is a photo of our completed teepee, which will be open for the students to explore. I'll be placing some items related to Native American culture later on!

Here are some video clips of the students working on the teepee and the last one is a video I made with compiled photographs of students working on the teepee and then sitting in the teepee.

We continued working with sound. We played a game of guessing what made the sound with these items:

This week in the science center, a tray of items that create sound will be available for students to experiment with! Tomorrow, we will be creating stories with sound! I can't wait to hear what the class comes up with!