Thursday, November 3, 2011

"Clean" Mud!

I realize that learning about the sense of touch may be messy at times, but having a hands on approach is one of the best ways of learning for young learners! As we continue learning about the five senses, we talked more about using our sense of touch in today's activity of creating "clean" mud! Prior to this activity, during our morning meeting, we sang the five senses song and I encouraged students to share experiences where they used their sense of touch. O.B shared about a time where he went to the Great Escape and touched buttons and touched the rollercoaster. G.A shared about going rollerskating in the park and falling and using her sense of touch to touch the ground.

Recipe for Clean Mud-1 toilet paper roll
-3 Ivory bar soaps (grated with a cheese grater)
-warm water as needed
Steps: Grate the soap, rip the toilet paper into small pieces, mix soap and toilet paper pieces together preferably with your hands, mix in water, and PLAY!

Every one got a chance to grate some of the soap and then everyone helped to rip the toilet paper into small pieces.

I help J.M to grate the soap

I help T.W to grate the soap
O.B grates the soap

K.W grates the soap
Ms. Kacey grates the soap

Ripping up the toilet paper
X.I rips up the toilet paper into small pieces
J.A rips the toilet paper

The bowl of grated soap

We add warm water for the soap and paper to stick together

T.D smells the grated soap

Some of the children help to mix everything together

K.M feels the clean mud

T.D, A.R and J.A play with the clean mud

A.R pats the clean mud

T.D with one of her snowballs
During this activity, the students talked about the smell and feel of the soap and the feel of the toilet paper. Many students said the toilet paper was soft! They said the soap smelled "nice."
This is super easy to do and results in lots of clean fun! The texture seems like mud but playing with it actually cleans hands!
When the clean mud was finished, we passed it around to touch and talk about. K.M said the clean mud was "icky," T.S and others said it was "gooey," some said it smelled really good, J.A said it was "sticky" and many agreed that it was "wet."
The clean mud will now be placed in the science center for further exploration and creation. Later on in the day during center time, J.A created dumplings using the clean mud while T.D made snowballs.
This activity can be extended-we may be mixing food coloring into our clean mud later on or experimenting with different soaps to create different scented soaps.

We also had a special guest in today! T.S' mom came in (I regretfully didn't take any photos! :( ) and she read "The Seven Silly Eaters." In the story, the characters used their sense of taste! The class loved her visit and were excited to share their stories with her. D.K asked her about what she did in school (she works at two schools!) and J.A asked what the kids at her school did! Special thanks to her for visiting! Our class loves visitors!