Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Exploring Colors

Happy Tuesday every one! I'm feeling a tad better! I'm excited that I'll finally be getting to see a doctor on Friday! :) The weather has been beautiful for November-I hope it stays like this for awhile, especially when we go for our listening walking!

Today, we started exploring the sense of sight! We talked about things we could see for example all the different colors! During music and movement, we danced with color scarves. I made these simply for cotton fabric purchased at Joann's. It was super easy to make and made over 20 color scarves. We danced with them with several color-related songs. When the students' heard the color in the song, they would either dance in the middle of the circle or wave their color scarf in the air depending on the song.

G.S, G.A and A.R dance with the red scarves
D.K and O.B dance with the yellow scarves
T.S dances with the green scarf

I also introduced the light table today to the students and how we can use it to look at different colors! Tomorrow, we will open the light table during center time!
We also thought about our favorite colors! We made a graph to show everyone's favorite colors! After, we counted how many people in the class liked each other and what color the class liked the most (pink!).

T.D places her post it with her favorite color on the graph
The class graph of favorite colors
A.R counts how many people in the class like blue
Tomorrow, the mounted policemen will be visiting! We'll also be making color flip books during writing center and explore the effects of food coloring in the science center! It will definitely be a colorful day!