Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Exploring textures

I'm so excited! Since starting this blog-I've discovered many new teacher friends via the internet! When I first started this blog (I had a previous one for my kindergarten classroom), I only had my fellow teachers from my last school but I've gotten links and comments from teachers from elsewhere now too! So HI! to all the teachers reading my blog and thanking you for reading! I always love sharing ideas and exchanging thoughts on education! :)

Today, we continued talking about the five senses especially the sense of touch. After briefly reviewing our five senses, I passed around various objects for the students to explore their textures. The objects were a rock, a pine cone and a cushion.
The rock we touched
G.S and O.S feel the rock
T.W feels the rock

X.I feels the rock
J.M examines the bumps on the rock
Some quotes about the rock:
J.C said "It's a little bit hard and a little bit soft"
O.B said "I feel its bumpy on the top"
T.D said "It's hard and bumpy"
The pine cone
T.D feels the pine cone
D.K examines the texture of the pine cone
Some quotes about the pine cone:
T.D said "It feels prickly and soft"
J.C said "It feels a little bit bumpy"
T.S said "It feels sharp"
The cushion
K.M uses her sense of touch by putting the cushion to her face
T.W squeezes the cushion

Some quotes about the cushion:
G.A said "It feels a little bit hairy"
A.R said "It's kinda hard"
J.M said "It feels soft"
D.K said "It feels really soft"

Here is a video clip from my conference with the students in the block center:

Tomorrow, we will continue to use our sense of touch in making "clean mud"

During free choice activity in the morning, I've been going around to small groups and starting patterns to see if they would extend them!
This group wanted to make a train from what I started

We will be talking about patterns more in depth soon!

Exciting news-the light table has arrived!!
The new light table
I am SUPER excited for this and can't wait for all the projects we can do using this tool! I already ordered a book about exploring light and mirrors! I will introduce the light center when we begin talking about the sense of sight in depth!