Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Five Senses

Today, we started a new unit-the five senses. I'm trying to feel out what would be an interesting and engaging project for the class regarding the five senses. One of the principles of the Reggio method is to have the students be in control of their learning. So, while we are in this introductory phase of the five senses-we, as a class, will determine together what kind of project we would all like to research/explore!
This is the chart I will have up for the whole month. We went over the five senses today and talked about what body parts we use. I provided support via sentence starters for students to talk about what senses they use throughout the day in particular during center time.

Some students had an opportunity to finish up their tree projects during the art center. This provided numerous opportunities to use their senses especially with objects in our beautiful junk basket. I noticed that some students started calling it beautiful junk as well! Students were looking, touching and hearing the sounds from the bubble wrap, the ribbons, the beads, and the packing peanuts.

A.R, D.K and T.D add leaves, berries and branches to their trees

G.A touches and hears the sounds from the beads.

J.C builds a cake-he used several senses when building it!
Here is our finished forest with everyone's trees:

We learned two T songs today to immerse ourselves with the letter. While reading our morning message, we were letter hunters and hunted for the letter T!
J.A circles the lowercase t in the word the
Here is the music video for one of the letter T songs we've learned!

Following centers, we had a discussion about what senses we used! Sorry if the audio isn't that great. It's hard when the camera isn't super close to the students. I tried to repeat what the students said. K.W said "I hear today water falling down and sand shaking-coming down." A.R said she heard "yelling and little girl singing." J.M, while in computer center said she heard the chime. (I ring the chime at times to get the class' attention!)

Talk at home about what senses your child uses throughout the day!

Important-I updated the Important Dates page with November's  important dates-take some time to check it out! :)