Friday, November 4, 2011

Getting our hands dirty

Today, we continued talking about our sense of touch. During our morning meeting share, A.R said she read last night and she felt the book and it felt soft. T.S said he went digging in his back yard and felt a stone he found!

Yesterday, we created "clean" mud-today we made goo which is created from mixing cornstarch and water. This was an easier process than yesterday's and the class had fun touching the goo and comparing it with the clean mud. Many of the students said the goo was like ice cream, while they said the clean mud was similar to snow. When working with the clean mud, many students made snowballs or snowman by rolling the clean mud into balls. With the goo, the students pretended to bake and many enjoyed crumbling the goo.  
K.W mixes the cornstarch and the water
The result-goo!

O.B holds up the goo

In the science center, J.M plays with the clean mud

A.R crumbles the goo
T.S plays with the clean mud. He said it feels like mud.
G.P makes various objects with the clean mud. Here she is rolling it out
Here, I conference with some students working in the science center with the clean mud and the goo.

For our art center, I encouraged students to feel the paint through finger painting. It was interesting how each student had different approaches to feeling the paint. Some used a finger or town, some used one hand and some used both hands. G.P squeezed the paint inside her fist. I caught a wonderful learning moment between G.P and A.K when they held hands so they could feel the paint between their hands.
In the art center, T.W, G.S, J.A and O.S explore the texture of paint

O.S uses his finger to make lines

G.P feels the paint in her hand
X.I uses his whole palm to press the paint on the paper
A.K makes hand prints on her paper
G.P and A.K wanted to see what it would feel like if they held the paint between their hands
A.R uses both hands to explore the feeling of paint
D.K uses his finger to paint a train

Some of the completed artwork in our art gallery
Here, I conference with a couple of students about what they feel with the paints:

I hope every one has a wonderful weekend! I'll be heading off to New York City again for an engagement party!  Next week, we will be studying our sense of hearing and go on a listening walk! I hope to record some sounds that the students come up!