Monday, November 21, 2011

Ladybug Questions

Sorry everyone-not much time and energy to write a full blog post tonight! My first ever Turkey shoot was thrilling! It was great to see such a great turnout and to see such excitement in the whole school community! I also enjoyed my cupcake at the end of the evening :) My evening was filled with Turkey shoot activities and cooking food for tomorrow's Thanksgiving feast (11:00am-12:00pm)!

I will post tomorrow, but I do want to share something special from today! Having found a ladybug in our classroom Friday afternoon, the class had lots of questions about ladybugs! It was best to consult an expert--the school's science teacher, Mr. Flynn! The class loves visitors and love meeting new people so we wrote a letter to Mr. Flynn:

All the kids got to sign the letter and G.P drew some ladybugs on it for us! Mr. Flynn said he loved our letter and later on in the day, he came to our class to visit and give us some really neat tools to look at our ladybug better and lots of information about ladybugs!
Also, it's true--we tried to "feed" the ladybug to the spider but I guess ladybugs aren't in Spider-man's diet! Spider-man and the ladybug looked at each other and then Spider-man turned around and walked away. K.W hypothesized that Spider-man didn't eat the ladybug because they're friends and friends don't eat each other!
Mr. Flynn said he would come by again tomorrow to answer more of our questions. Tomorrow, we will do some shared writing and put all of our questions onto chart paper for Mr. Flynn! :)

Thanksgiving Feast tomorrow!! :)