Friday, November 11, 2011

Meeting Shea!

Hope everyone is enjoying their three day weekend! :) The mounted police came to our school with one of their horses, Shea for a visit. Shea was beautiful, patient and very calming. She brought a wonderful energy to our group! Because we were a big group (3 prek classes) there wasn't time for each child to sit on Shea but every one had an opportunity to pet her a couple of times, ask the police men questions and see Shea's tail! The students asked what she likes to eat and if she likes the dark and other interesting questions. Here is a video clip of Officer Rick talking to the students about Shea:

Here are photos taken with Shea:
The students meet Shea
The trailer that Shea rode in
The officers talk about Shea
Ms. Blanchard holds T.W to pet Shea
D.K looking at Shea
A.R and T.D meeting Shea
G.P pets Shea
A.R pets Shea
D.K pets Shea
Officer Rick tells the kids all about Shea
G.A pets Shea
Officer Rick showing the class Shea's tail
T.S pets Shea
We definitely used our five senses when meeting Shea. The kids talked about what they saw-how big she was, her brown color, her tail, what they felt-her soft mane, her wet tongue and what they heard-her snorting!

I was reading my dog blogs and I found this really adorable video of a french bulldog playing with a patrol horse. It cheers me up to see different animals interact in such a jovial manner! :)

As we ended the week, we worked on an art project to create octopuses. Using some of our beautiful junk-the toilet paper rolls served as the body for the octopus. Every one had a chance to decorate their octopus bodies and choose googly eyes. We also used cheerios to serve as the suction cups for the octopuses. The cheerios looked very much like the letter O too!

At the end of the day, during our afternoon circle as we were starting to sing our Goodbye song, many of the kids saw a spider crawling across the floor. Some asked what it was, some said "eww!," and some said "wow!" While my initial reaction was to go step on it, I thought about possibly catching it for the class to observe. We placed it in a fish bowl temporarily and this weekend, I purchased a critter box, some terrarium moss and meal worms for the spider. We will discuss on Monday what we want to do with the spider (keep or release) or what we observe from it.
The spider is in the lower right hand corner by the cord
Spider's new home
This week, we celebrated not one but two birthdays! Happy birthday to T.W and A.R who both turned 4!
Important reminder:
I sent home a letter this past week on parent-teacher conferences. Please make sure to fill it out to secure a time to meet :) If the date is inconvenient, please email me or speak to me and we can schedule for another date.