Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Our Color-full day!

The mounted policemen will be coming to visit tomorrow. Today's visit was cancelled due to important police business so they have rescheduled for tomorrow!!
I was really inspired by this project I read about on another teacher's blog. I purchased some clear hair gel from the dollar store and today in class, we all worked together to make various colors using the hair gel and food coloring.We put some hair gel into ziploc baggies followed by different food coloring. We closed the baggies and passed them around to mix the colors and to also feel these sensory bags. It was interesting to see what colors we were able to create. Many of the kids noticed that it looked and felt like the jelly in peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. This activity was continued in the science center for smaller groups to experiment with the food coloring.

A.R feels the blue sensory baggie
O.B feels the blue sensory baggie
G.A and T.W look at the blue sensory baggie
I help J.C to put some hair gel into the baggie

The kids look into the blue sensory baggie

J.M and J.A feel the yellow sensory baggie

During center time, we placed colors-centered activities. In the writing center, flip books were created with the repetition "I see the color ---" and each page was a different color.

D.K adds art to his color flip book
A.K and A.R work on their color flip books
  In the art center, I introduced oil pastels, which is a beautiful media to work with especially in creating colors. I provided black construction paper to make the oil pastel color stand out even more.
J.C works with the oil pastels

G.P works with the oil pastels
The students at the art center

In the science center, I was able to work with a small group to create their own color sensory bags.

O.S puts hair gel in his baggie

G.A chose to mix green and yellow
We also opened the light table today! There were transparent blocks available and later on we placed the sensory bags on the light table for a very cool effect.

K.W works at the light table