Monday, November 14, 2011

Our listening walk

Hope everyone had a restful three day weekend! The whole class came back today energized and ready for the new week! We worked on using our sense of hearing today! Though it was a cloudy and somewhat windy day, we went on a listening walk around the school to hear different sounds! Our school is a wonderful fusion of both urban and nature sounds so the class were able to hear a little bit of each, though during our walk, the urban elements were definitely louder. When we came back to share-many of the children talked more about the urban sounds. The sounds from nature were subtle-during the end of our listening walk, I encouraged the students to listen carefully for the sound of birds. There were quiet chirpings from birds outside of the school. I used my smartphone with a recorder application to record all the sounds from our listening walk so we could listen to it further in the future. Here is a short clip from our listening walk sounds accompanied by the list the class made when they shared about what sounds they heard:

The recording will be available for students to hear and create art work with tomorrow! The recorder is going be a useful tool this week because we'll be making our own sounds!
G.P listens to the sounds from the listening walk
K.W listens to the sounds from the listening walk
O.S listens to the sounds from the listening walk
In other news, the class enjoyed looking the classroom spider! We took some suggestions in the morning on what we could name our new spider friend. Some suggestions were, "Spiderman," "Superman," "Fred," "Sandy," "Princess," and "Ballerina." We took a quick vote using our quiet thumbs. The majority of the class voted for Spiderman, so our classroom spider is now named Spiderman. Spiderman has already made himself at home and spun a very thin web in a corner of his box. Hopefully he'll get to eating some of the mealworms we placed in his box!

Tomorrow, you will be getting your child's report card in his/her folder. Please look over it as it will indicate how your child is professing in various elements in school. We will further discuss it during parent-teacher conferences. Also, I will be sending home a letter about our Thanksgiving feast on Tuesday, November 22nd. It is located here if you would like to read it online! :)