Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Preview of Five Senses Stories

I've been thinking of ways to weave storytelling into our daily learning and thought that using the five senses would be a great way to support storytelling. Using our five senses chart with sentence starters, "I smell, I hear, etc" I encouraged the class to think about the senses they used in their story. I modeled telling a simple story of eating dinner and smelling the cooked rice and hearing music from the radio in the background. It was also a great opportunity to try out using the flip camera! The flip has better video quality than my digital camera and has a handy USB, so in the afternoon we ventured to the school library to watch the videos on the SMARTboard. It was fantastic to see how proud each child was of their own story and some even complimented others' on their stories! After viewing T.S' story about walking to school with his dad, O.B turned to him and said "That was a nice story, T."

As part of a holiday gift, I will hopefully have all the videos compiled for everyone to take home! Until then, below is a preview. G.A tells a story about her dad buying cereal and then eating it and K.W tells about a birthday party for his cousin that included skating, games, pizza and cake!

While viewing the stories-I found the background noise to take away from the story. So in the future, Kacey or I will have to take the child telling the story into a quiet space for better sound quality.

Tomorrow is the first day of December-I can't believe how fast time has gone by! And I have a special surprise for the class tomorrow!! Can't wait!