Monday, November 28, 2011


It feels like its been a longer break than it actually was! The students came in excited and ready but we did notice many were quite tired. We got back into the swing of things by reviewing some structures and practicing classroom routines. We also changed everyone's seats so they have an opportunity to get to know other friends better!

Some of you may have noticed that your child went home with a big blue bag with 5 books inside-this is our PreK lending libary-every child's folder has more information on this. The bags with everything inside are due back every Friday. If the child does not return the bag, they will not be able to take another one home. We were able to get through half the class with bags-tomorrow the other half will be able to take home these books. Please also make sure you sign the contract for the lending library in your child's folder.

We are finishing up the five senses study and today we explored our sense of smell by smelling various scents. I had containers with coffee grounds, cinnamon, potpourri, parsley, cotton balls sprayed with perfume, tea bags, car fresheners with the scent of cupcakes, fresh towels and the beach. We passed around the scents to start the discussion of smelling.

Some of the scents were easier to identify than others. A.R was the first to identify the coffee and many of the students talked about how they smell it when grown ups drink it. It was surprising but a lot of the class enjoyed the scent of coffee. The cinnamon was also an easy one because we used it in cooking and with making applesauce play dough. With the perfume and the potpourri, J.M said it smelled like lotion, many said it smelled "good" and G.P said it smelled like flowers. The parsley was the hardest to pick up on and the class talked about how they didn't like the smell of it. The car fresheners were easy to identify because of the visuals on them, but many enjoyed the vanilla cupcake one!

In the science center, I opened all the scents for further exploration and provided clipboards for them to draw what they smelled.
Scent exploration in the science center
K.M draws the cupcake she smells
G.P draws the flowers she smells from the potpourri
Here are some video clips of some conferences I had with the students at the science center:

We also voted on our favorite scents:
The smell of coffee and cupcakes were the most liked!

Sorry for the late blog post this evening! I attended the free workshop about terrariums given at the Albany Public Library on Delaware Ave that I mentioned about last week! I saw Ms. Rebecca from the class' library visit and I thoroughly enjoyed creating a terrarium for our classroom!

I'll be introducing the finished terrarium to the class tomorrow! I'm so excited! :) With December upon us, I took out the orange, brown, yellow decor and opted for some holiday decor--

Also, I have updated the upcoming dates for December! Click here