Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sound Stories

On our listening walk on Monday, I introduced the recorder as a tool we will be using in the classroom. Today, we used it to create sound stories! Having used our sense of hearing to hear various sounds both in and out of the classroom, the class used those experiences to support the creation of sound stories. I modeled drawing a story I wanted to tell and telling the story using sounds. These stories would then be recorded for the class to listen to as a class for sharing or at the listening center. These stories also helped me to "test the waters" for our future storytelling project. The stories were full of personality and personal interests. For support, I asked the students questions to add details to the stories. This activity took place in our art center. Here are some of the sound stories from our class. Sorry for the background noise--the science center was full of various items that made sound--so you may hear bells in the background. The class especially loves the different bells on the tray! You'll hear a lot of bells in the background.


I will upload more sound stories as they are created! :)

Ms. Kacey brought in x-rays from her family members! The class is learning the letter x and it was great for them to have a first hand experience looking at real x-rays especially at the light table!

Here is an adorable and educational video explaining x-ray to children via Sesame Street

I visited the local library today (the Delaware Ave. Branch) to check out some books and I found this free workshop available for adults on creating terrariums. All materials will be provided free of charge! I jumped on this right away because I've been thinking about creating a terrarium for the classroom!
The photo is a bit blurry but the date for this event is Monday, November 28th 5:30pm at the Delaware Ave. Branch library. You can go to the library to register or call 518-463-0254.