Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The terrarium

I introduced the terrarium to the class today! Everyone was excited to look at it and some were even more excited about the possibilities of adding bugs to it! It'll be a wonderful addition to our science center. I explained what a terrarium was and what was inside. We passed it around and while also looking at it, I encouraged everyone to smell it. 
X.I smells the terrarium
KW inspects the terrarium
T.D looks into the terrarium
A.R smells the terrarium
Many of the students said it smelled like a plant and some said it smelled like rocks. Most of the kids enjoyed looking at it more than smelling it! The terrarium did exude a musty and earthy smell.
I also brought a cranberry scented candle to add to our scent tray. The class enjoyed this scent much more! We passed around the candle to smell and discuss.

J.M said it smelled like cranberry sauce, J.A said it smelled like cranberry juice, T.S and D.K said it smelled like a candle and G.P said it smelled like flowers!

For center time today, I asked everyone to take some time to smell the different things in their centers! In the playdough center, I encouraged them to smell the playdough. K.W said the playdough smelled like food. In the art center, I encouraged smelling the oil pastels--they have a different scent from crayons!  In the math center, while counting various items from nature and some potpourri pieces, the students also took some time to smell the items.

Science center was open today and contained the basket of scented items.

Here is a video of D.K and T.S at the science center:
 In the video, T.S says the terrarium smells like basil!

Here is a video for the letter U!