Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Two more days until holiday break!! :) I realized we lit the classroom menorah incorrectly yesterday so we corrected that today when we lit our second candle!

We started off the day with some simple yoga poses to calm our minds and bodies! We don't have access to the small gym from Wednesday to Friday but we made use of our classroom space.
We did some downward dog-

and some upward dog-
and tree (with individual modifications)-
and child's pose-

Tomorrow, we'll try out cat pose and/or camel pose. T.S showed everyone the happy baby pose, which is really fun to do, but we may have to save that one for when we're in the small gym for space purposes!
UPDATE: I have created a donors choose project request for 18 yoga mats so I'm crossing my fingers, we can get these before the end of the year! :)

We're finishing up the hibernation unit with the creation of our own caves! Winter has started and the animals are just about ready to hibernate! Using cardboard for the base and a toilet paper roll for additional support and a place to put the bear in, the students chose a variety of beautiful junk materials to create their caves.
The students mold the clay to create the foundation of their caves
J.M chose to put potpourri on her cave
G.P adds to her cave
K.W cuts up an old gift bow
G.A places packing peanuts on her cave
J.A placed a small box top at one end of his tube to enclose the cave, and "the bear will be warm"
O.B places a tiny branch from the fraser fir tree on his cave
G.S used part of an egg carton for the top of his cave

 Some of the completed caves:
The class is waiting for the glue to dry and the clay to harden and we will test out the caves with miniature teddy bears we have in the class! Hopefully, we will be able to tell stories about hibernation tomorrow using the created caves and the bears!
Tomorrow is also an exciting day because we will be creating gingerbread houses! The class has been itching to work on this project since they saw the boxes of gingerbread houses in our classroom! With the wonderful creativity the kids showed in building caves today, I can only imagine what's to come with the gingerbread houses! :)