Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Fall Showers

It has been a super rainy day today! Rainy days can be difficult for some-gloomy weather sometimes makes me feel out of sorts. Speaking of which-I forgot my camera in the classroom today so no photos from today! :( I hope I'll be able to find it in the classroom tomorrow morning!
Though the weather has prevented us from going outside, we played some games indoors! We played musical mats using alphabet mats! The class had a lot of fun with it and it's great for reinforcing the letters we've learned (each mat has a different letter on it) and for gross motor skills!
I also introduced a seasons trees activity where the students have to put various items on the trees i.e flowers, snowflakes, etc to depict the seasons and then they have to count how many items are on the trees. We tried this activity together in whole group and this activity will be in our math center tomorrow!
So far, we have almost everyone's costume for the winter concert completed. They are simple costumes but they are adorable! Photos to come! I'm crossing my fingers to find the camera tomorrow!