Thursday, December 8, 2011

Finally-a new bulletin board!

Today, the class worked together to put up a new bulletin for outside our classroom! We finished our four seasons windows today so we placed them on the big butcher paper and everyone wrote their names under their windows! If you have some spare time, before or after the winter concert tomorrow or any day-you may drop by to see them. They are wonderful! Again, we have been just amazed at the progress and development of all the children!

G.A writes her name under her seasons window
Here is a photo from the math center activity I introduced yesterday:

Today, this activity was available in the math center for all to try. It was interesting to see how the students decided to place the items on the trees. Some put all snowflakes on one tree and some mixed the items and had leaves and snow on the trees--much like the trees we saw outside our window today.


In art center, the students got to decorate snowflakes-it was a weather appropriate activity! Yesterday, some students helped me cut out paper to create the snowflakes. Today in the art center, the students applied glue and sprinkled glitter on the snowflakes to add some sparkle!
A. R applies glue to her snowflake
T.S prepares to sprinkle on glitter
The completed snowflakes for the day
Reminder-tomorrow is the Winter Concert. It starts at 9am. The PreK classes will be performing second after the introductory performance. Also, if you won't be able to make it to the performance, I will be video recording! Tomorrow is also picture retake day. If you were unhappy with your photos from last time, you may bring back the package for your child to their photo retaken.

 Here is a preview of what the students will be wearing for the winter concert--