Monday, December 5, 2011

Gingerbread cookies

Every Monday, the students go to the Museum room to spend some time with Ms. Ingleston, the museum educator. Recently, we have been working with her on learning the songs for the winter concert, practicing and doing activities related to the songs. Today, she had a wonderfully delicious activity-the class decorated their own individual gingerbread cookie!
J.A spreads frosting on the gingerbread boy
O.B decorating his gingerbread boy
X.I decorates his gingerbread boy
J.C happily spreads frosting
J.M mixes the edible paint
A.R mixes the blue edible paint into the frosting
T.W nibbles the feet of her gingerbread cookie
O.S enjoys his gingerbread
G.P eats her gingerbread cookie
This activity was great because it allowed the students to see, feel and taste gingerbread cookies that they were singing about in one of the songs. The students also had an opportunity to spread, mix edible paint, and place sprinkles and/or raisins on the cookie.

During morning meeting, the students had wonderful experiences to share-T.S talked about going to Troy to see the Victorian Stroll and O.B shared about his fun experience watching the fireworks and lights at the Empire Plaza!

Today, we started talking about the four seasons. We started working on our four season windows-each pane in the window will show a picture from each season. Today, the class worked on their fall pictures! We talked about the weather we've had this season-windy, snowy, sunny! We talked about rain and I demonstrated rain using a sponge and a pan. The class had a chance to squeeze the cloud (sponge) to create rain! In science center this week, they will be able to create rain!