Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Happy Hanukkah!

Three more days until holiday break! :) It was still too cold to go outside for movement! It's been really deceptive because every morning the students look outside when we talk about the weather for the day and they always notice how sunny it is! We went to the small gym today and I tried out some simple yoga poses to warm them up. The whole class really took a liking to doing the postures! We tried out the downward dog pose yesterday and today, we tried out upward dog and tree poses. Yoga for young children is a great way for them to calm their bodies and minds and improve their flexibility and posture. I will research more child friendly yoga poses for the kids in the future and possibly put up a class set of yoga mats for my next donors choose project :) Unfortunately, I didn't take my camera into the gym but the next time we do yoga-I will definitely snap some photos!
In the morning, the kids also worked on a special surprise for their families! I would show photos but it's a surprise! ;)
We also talked about Hanukkah today! Today is the first day so we "lit" our first candle on our class menorah.

We also took turns spinning a dreidel!

We did some cooking today too! Our class made latkes/potato pancakes!
After I cracked the eggs, the class took turns beating them.

Then, we added some water. G.P and D.K measured water using our measuring cups. We then added in the potato pancake mix. I thought about using actually potatoes for this cooking adventure...but the recipe called for a lot of potatoes for us to grate! Even with so many hands, I worried we wouldn't have them done by snack time! After measuring and adding in the mix, we took turns mixing all the ingredients.
We let it sit for a bit and then, I fried them up on the electric griddle. The class got to hear the sizzle from the pan. With adult supervision, some of the kids, with my help, got to flatten some of the pancakes and move them around in the pan.

After the frying, everyone got a choice to try them!

Tomorrow, we will go back to talking about hibernation and use clay and assorted beautiful junk to create our own caves!