Saturday, December 24, 2011

Happy Holidays!

Whew! Holiday break is here! :D It's been quite exhausting this week between all the things that I need to do for the classroom and for the holidays! I went home yesterday and I ended up taking a nap! Yesterday, we celebrated the upcoming holidays with decorating gingerbread cookies and learning about the polar express and there were some gifts too! When the children came in this morning, there were gifts under the tree!
And as promised, here is a photo of the gingerbread houses on display!

We started the morning by doing some yoga poses. Today, I taught the class the cat pose!
T.S, D.K and A.K doing child's pose
G.A doing cat pose
Also on a related note--my donors choose project for a class set of yoga mats has been approved. Click here to check it out!
Decorating the gingerbread cookies was much more relaxed and organized than making the gingerbread houses! Here are some photos from yesterday:
T.S' mom works with T.D, A.K and T.S as they decorate their cookies
O.B and T.W decorate their cookies with mini candies
K.W, J.M, G.S and G.P decorate their gingerbread people
O.B's dad works with O.B, K.M and T.W
J.M and K.W
G.A uses the piping bag to add frosting
D.K and G.A adorn their gingerbread people with sprinkles
A.R finishes up her gingerbread cookie
O.S looks at his finished gingerbread cookie
A.R spreads frosting on her gingerbread cookie
G.P and G.S decorate their cookies

Special thanks to O.B's dad and T.S' parents for coming in to volunteer! The students really enjoyed your company. :) Thanks to all the families donated frosting and candy for the event!

Santa also came by today!

I want to wish everyone a happy, restful, refreshing and love-filled holiday break! If your family is traveling, I wish you safe travels! I know I say it so often, but I am ever so grateful for the warmth and support I've received from all families! It's been an amazing couple of months so far and I can't wait for what's to come in the new year! I sent home with each child-a little holiday bag (they are probably in their book bags) and in each bag there is a wrapped DVD I created using photos taken from the classroom and from each child's individual five senses stories and the class singing from the on the ground school assembly. I hope everyone enjoys watching! Each child also went home with a gift created for their families! Also, with a generous donation from PAL (Police Athletic League), every child went home with a gift from Santa! Nap blankets were also sent home to be washed. I also sent home a letter on Wednesday about things our classroom needs. We are in dire need of paper towels and tissue boxes. As of Friday, we have no paper towels and are on our last tissue box. Any donations would be appreciated greatly. :)

Remember to continue reading to your child every night! Also, for some fun and educational online activities, check out this website here, it was created by one of my colleagues from my last school in Queens. It's very early childhood friendly!

I'll be blogging now and then during the holiday break but mostly on personal happenings. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions or comments. I will still be checking my email daily during the break.