Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Introducing Hibernation

Sorry for such a delay in a blog post-the stomach bug has been terrible! I'm not feeling 100% yet but the stomach cramps have stopped and I'm trying to stay super hydrated with water and flat ginger ale. I've talked to Kacey earlier this evening and she's still feeling under the weather. I will definitely be back in the classroom tomorrow! Kacey's stomach hasn't recovered so she'll be out tomorrow! I wish her a speedy recovery!

On Monday, we started our talk about hibernation! Here is the poster we will be referring to this week, along with a song we learned to sing:

We looked at some photos of animals hibernating and read a story about a bear that goes into hibernation. To get some experience with hibernating, the class played a game where I would say it's winter and they pretended to be animals hibernating. When I said it was spring, they would wake up!

We set up our dramatic play center to be like the woods with caves and dens using boxes, fabric, brown wrapping paper, the branch from the fraser fir tree I brought in, and paper snowflakes! The students who chose the center pretended to be animals going into hibernation, building their homes for the winter and hiding food!

Here is a video clip of the children "hibernating" in the dramatic play center:

Tomorrow, we will be playing a fun melt the ice game/science experiment. I will also be taking the class to preview the KidSmart Holiday Shop in the school!