Monday, December 19, 2011

Letters to Santa

Seems like winter has already begun with the chill outside! We have a week until the holiday break but many children in the class are pouring their excitement into lively discussions about holidays and creating a variety of holiday items. We started off the day by writing letters to Santa. Each letter written to Santa, Macy's will donate $1 to the Make a Wish foundation! Find out more here. I modeled writing my name on the letter so Santa would know who it was from and drawing what I wanted to tell him. The class was very creative in their letters! It was a fun and simple way to give back for the holidays!

We also learned about Kwanzaa today! We read:
which was great for reviewing the letters and superb in the explaining the details about the holiday. We learned that it's a holiday that celebrates African-American hertiage and culture. We also made a class Kinara which we "lit" together even though Kwanzaa isn't for another week-we won't be in school when it starts!

For art center today, we made cuffs. In the book, we learned that during Kwanzaa, jewelry is worn to celebrate African heritage. Using recycled toilet paper rolls, scrapbook paper, pom poms, beads and other beautiful junk-students adorned their own cuffs.
G.P and T.S work on their cuffs
K.M decorates her cuff with markers

G.P and her finished cuff
Special thanks to T.S' parents for lending T.S' bear costume for our dramatic center. Now we have two bears in costume hibernating!

T.S shared that the costume was used when he dressed up as the great bear constellation for Halloween!
Tomorrow is the first day of Hanukkah! We'll be cooking latkes or potato pancakes in class tomorrow!