Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Melt the Ice!!!

We learned a fantastic game today that integrates science, math, following directions and fine motor skills called "Melt the Ice." I got the idea for this game from here. It gave the class first hand experience with ice and how cold the season of winter can be! Prior to the game, we had a discussion about their own experiences with ice, which ranged from ice in a glass/cup to ice in the freezer and ice on the stairs! I brought in a cooler with the ice cubes for the game--it's the box that T.S refers to when he mentions a box and points. :) Watch a clip of the students sharing here:

After that, I introduced the game with these directions:

We made predictions before starting the game about what would make the ice cube melt quicker. Many of the students predicted that floating the ice cube in the water would melt it the fastest. 
Every child got their own ice cube and using a large sized die we each took turns to roll the die to see what we would do with the ice cube. This game gives students another opportunity to practice 1:1 correspondence in counting-I encouraged touching the dots when counting what they rolled.

The class did a lot of wonderful noticing while playing the game.
O.S drops the ice cube
K.M blows on the ice cube
A.K floats her ice cube in the cup of water
G.S wraps the ice cube
O.B blows on the ice cube heavily
G.P holds the ice cube
Many noticed that it was melting--even when it was just laying on their napkin. They talked about the water dripping down and also how cold the ice felt. At the end of the game, the class decided that they were right and that floating the ice in the water makes it melt the fastest but also if you blow really hard on it while holding it tightly-it can also melt the ice cube quickly!

At center time, the children continued to learn about hibernation! In the sand/water table-I placed toy food in the sand side for the children to pretend to hide like the animals getting ready to hibernate. I placed all the extra ice cubes from the game in the water side-though they didn't last very long.
A.R and T.D hide food
The children continue to act out hibernation in the dramatic play center--
J.A and T.S hibernate
J.M and A.R make the cave cozy
I brought into another big box today to add to the dramatic play area after noticing how much interest the students had in the boxes. The box drew a lot of attention from everyone more so than the fort created using a large piece of fabric. It's amazing how a blank canvas such as a box can inspire so much imagination!

D.K recycled a soda box to create a train, which he shared with the class during morning meeting. During center time, he and a friend added more details to the train--

Tomorrow, we'll be making animal tracks with clay and toothpicks! Hopefully, we'll also have time to create the patterned candy canes!