Thursday, December 22, 2011

Messy gingerbread fun

In my head, I thought creating gingerbread houses would be a relatively peaceful activity-holiday music playing in the background, students working together to place various candies on the houses, and that using a box kit would help to make it more organized. Boy, was I wrong! The students did work together and they had a lot of fun and the results were amazing, but the process was quite messy to say the least! I may have to rethink the activity in the future. A.R's mom suggested using pre-made cardboard houses, which would alleviate the biggest problem of today-unstable gingerbread houses due to consistency issues with the icing. It's actually quite hard to put together a gingerbread house. I have much respect for those complex and fanciful gingerbread houses now! In the end, I'm glad the class had fun and they really enjoy looking at the houses on display-the finished gingerbread houses have been nearly irresistible! I've wrapped them in plastic wrap and they will be on display tomorrow as well! A big thanks goes to the family members that volunteered today-O.B's mom, D.K's mom, A.R's mom and Stacy! I can't thank you enough for volunteering! The class had so much fun! :)
D.K's mom works with a small group on the roof of the gingerbread house
O.B's mom works with the kids to put the walls together
A.R's mom places icing on the gingerbread walls
Putting icing down on the foundation
T.D and T.S help hold the gingerbread walls
An adorable photo of the group that worked with D.K's mom
O.B and X.I put candy on the roof, G.A and G.P put candy on their side of the roof
Putting icing all over one side of the roof
The completed house that J.M, K.W, D.K, A.R along with D.K's mom and sister worked on
A.K and T.S put candy on the roof
The completed house that A.R, J.C, O.S and K.M along with A.R's mom work on
I will post a photos of all the completed houses tomorrow! I am crossing my fingers for a less messy adventure with decorating the gingerbread people!

Thanks to T.S' dad for coming in for a second time to do a read aloud!

I am super grateful for all the parent involvement this year! It has been wonderful and such an encouragement for the children to see the family/school connections. Thank you families for supporting our classroom! :)