Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Four Seasons Windows

What a gloomy day! While we weren't able to go outside today-we were busy in the classroom continuing to get ready for the winter concert, talking about seasons and singing songs about the letter Y!

Today, we talked about Winter! It's something the class seems to be looking forward to though its confusing now because we've had quite a bit of snow this Fall! The class had stories to share about throwing snow, making snowmen, wearing big coats and mittens and much more. So, we continued on our seasons windows by adding our winter pictures. The windows have been a great way to express everyone's view of the seasons, because every day as part of our morning routine, we look out the window to observe the weather.  
O.S seasons window. For his fall picture he drew rain and in the winter one, he said "It's starting to snow"

J.M seasons window. For her Fall picture, she said "I'm happy that it's raining" and in her Winter one, she explains her picture, "It was snowing. I was playing with the snowman and threw snow at my sisters and my mom"
J.C window. For Fall, he says " That's me in the rain" and for Winter, "It was snowing. I get my big coat and mittens. I went to school."
G.A's Winter picture. "My mommy and me went to the Price Chopper in the snow."
I thought this was an interesting and really creative version of Fall. A.R drew a rain cloud and a boy falling.
 While looking through the seasons windows, Kacey and I remarked at how much the class has grown developmently and it's completely visable through their artwork. We're beginning to see creative details and thoughtful and intentional markings! It's simply amazing to see firsthand!

Today, we talked about the letter Y, learned songs about the letter, practiced writing the letter and I brought in a yo-yo to pass around! It was great practice in motor skills--a lot of the children were much more experienced than I with it and many of them had some great yo's (is that the proper term for it?) and made the yo-yo light up!
K.W with the yo-yo
I love reading other teacher's blogs! It give me such insight into other classrooms! One of my colleagues from my last school, Ms. Merril is a thoughtful educator who inspires me often through her blog about her PreK classroom! While reading her blog, I read about her class' interest in the manhole covers in the school's playground (see link here) and I found it interesting that many miles away, some of the children here started showing great interest in them too! The manhole covers here are quite different, however. These photos were taken from yesterday's outdoors time.
When I came over and asked what they were doing-G.P replied that they were feeding the monster that lived under it. T.D said they were helping to cover the space under the holes. A lot of the children peeked in and wondered what was under the cover and some used it as a tool for their play, intereacting with the monster that lived under. It was  wonderful-I'm thinking of possibly taking out clipboards for the students to draw the manhole cover and mail them to Ms. Merril's class. :)

Here is a fun game for matching leaves-perfect for the Fall season: