Thursday, December 1, 2011


Today, I brought in a 4 foot holiday tree (non-living) to the classroom. It was complete with lights!
The class was incredibly excited for this new addition to our classroom and the tree is now sitting where the teepee was. Special thanks to X.I's mom for donating some neat holiday crafts-we used them during our art center to create some ornaments for the tree.

Here is the tree after with some of the ornaments created at the art center:
In the future, we may create some paper mache ornamental balls and string some popcorn. One student even asked where the star was! If anyone has any old ornaments they would like to donate-the class would gladly accept! I've been having the kids put up their ornaments themselves! It's exciting and perfect for such a short tree!
Many of the students noticed when coming into our classroom this morning-that we had various special pictures on the calendar and many inquired about them. During our morning meeting, I introduced the names of the various holidays celebrated this month-Hanukkah, Christmas and Kwanza. We will be talking about them as we get closer to the dates! If there are any holidays that your family celebrates that you would like to be discussed in our classroom, please feel free to let me know! Holidays are really important to everyone's culture so I want to make sure I include everyone's!

In the writing center, students worked on practicing writing the letter u with dry erase boards and with chalk too!

J.A writes the letter U on a bus

A.K practices writing the letter U

My grandmother in law or as I like to call her gammy donated these mini craft sticks that her seniors' craft group were giving away-so I put them out on the table for the class to freely explore.

So far, some created letters and shapes with them, some created models of other items. T.D created the light table with the mini sticks. For our hibernation unit-these will be great for creating animal tracks or animal habitats!

Tomorrow, our buddy readers will be visiting and doing a special readers theater! :)
Also, a reminder-the lending library bags need to be returned tomorrow, if your child would like to switch it for a new bag with new books! Please make sure the 5 books, the folder with the laminated rules and list of books and book review are included in the bags! If your child would like more time with their current books, you may return the bag next Friday.